The True Story of Kenneth Severin


We are a group of creatives in many fields who want to share a true story of a man who was a father, a son, a brother and an UNCLE. His name is Kenneth Severin and he was a wonderful man. But his life ended because of a system which chose to see his blackness as criminal and overlooked his mental health.


"I can't breathe" and "Black Lives Matter are more than a hashtag. Kenneth, although suffering from serious mental health problems, was remanded to Belmarsh prison by the magistrate's court - a decision which cost him his life. The officers involved in Kenneth's murder received no criminal or disciplinary charges.


The Film

The film is a coming of age story set in 90’s London, of a teenage girl whose uncle (with no criminal record) dies in prison awaiting trial. Set on the day of her uncle’s funeral. The short film will touch on their relationship, alongside the roller coaster of emotions his niece experiences on the day of his funeral.

Meet the Team

Meet the Uncle team at age 14 years old the age writer/director Michelle Jones
lost her uncle Kenneth Severin.

THe Project

A Short Film

“Uncle” the project uses film to create an open dialogue with young people about mental health. The initial purpose of this short film was to show the person behind the headlines and remove the shame associated with Kenneth’s death. However writing “Uncle”, helped Michelle confront new feelings and old emotions she wasn’t able to comprehend as a child dealing with Kenneth’s tragic death.



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