How it all began

In 2015 Writer/Director Michelle Jones decided that she wanted to tell her Uncle Kenneth’s story but was unsure how. She was aware that his story would make some people feel uncomfortable. Even sharing the idea with friends left some speechless.

However, on a tube ride to the hair salon, the idea came. Michelle was going to use a mixture of film and animation to tell his story. During the summer of 2017, Uncle was written in two weeks. Michelle put the script forward for various short film funding opportunities but was rejected every time. However, Michelle entered 2020 determined to tell her Uncle’s story because 2020 would mark what would have been Kenneth’s 50th Birthday and 25 years since his death. But Covid happened then George Floyd’s murder.

The murder of George Floyd shook Michelle to her core, but it then sparked a new determination within her to tell Kenneth’s story. Michelle met the amazing Zina in January 2020. Zina introduced Michelle to her sister Adi, which led to the creation of a Kickstater campaign. And Uncle was finally funded, by a community of friends, family and strangers.

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